AAP supporters jobless

While everyone is busy changing their Facebook profile pictures to show their support for their favourite team, there is chaos everywhere in the regional offices of Aam Aadmi Party when a whole week passed without  announcement of any dharna by their leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. This unexpected and uncharacteristic move by the senior leaders of the party created a state of frenzy with people speculating if the party still existed.
A news channel claimed that it already knew about the party losing the plot. Arnab Goswami was the first one to announce that ever since the party compromised with its main agenda and took support from Congress to form government in Delhi, he was sure that this would happen.” When a party with only two ideals does not stick to the first one, you know it wouldn’t hold with the second one for too long as well”, he was quoted as saying.
As far as the AAP volunteers were considered, they weren’t taking it too well. Mr. Harish Chandra, a member of AAP since its inception, was getting restless. When enquired, he cried over being jobless. “Ever since I became a member of AAP, I would regularly attend dharnas, take part in protests. But, now it has been over a week and I have been sitting idle in my home”,said Harish Chandra. Another member claimed that he even went to Party headquarters in New Delhi to make sure that everything was fine with the party.
Later, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that AAP volunteers needn’t worry and that there would be a dharna soon. As soon as the tweet was out, a wave of celebration spread. Mr. Harish Chandra himself fed me up with Motichoor ke laddu which he ordered specially to celebrate the upcoming dharna.

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