The Great Indian Political Dictionary



one who praises Narendra Modi for every good thing that happened since the inception of Universe

“It’s because of Modi ji’s hard work that you can pee,” exclaimed the bhakt

synonyms: AndhBhakt, Moditard



one who believes Arvind Kejriwal is the solution of even Schrodinger’s equation

“AAPtards believed it was the Kejriwal miracle that their Milk Man reduced the quantity of water in milk.”

synonyms: kejrubhakts



someone who believes in sucking Minorities’ cock only for votes

“Sickulars support reservations for Minorities in getting laid!”



used for someone who fits in politics just like Parthiv Patel in Indian Cricket Team or Tushar Kapoor in Bollywood, so basically Rahul Gandhi

“Pappu cried because the tea “ate” his biscuit.”

synonyms: Shahzada



used to mark the lightning that was meant to last for 5 years but gave in after 49 days

Juliet asked Romio,”You won’t leave me like AK49, will you?”

synonyms: Bhagoda ,Khujliwal, Khajruwal, Khejriwal, Kejribal  *every permutation without changing the relative order of vowels and consonants*



used for the Rajnikanth of Politics

“This chaiwallah is going to change the country.”

synonyms: NaMo


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