The one without the selfie!

In a piece of news which has created a storm across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the Washroom and didn’t click any selfie with the toilet paper, allegedly Made In India.

This is being seen as an act which negates his efforts to promote Make In India. Besides, his political opponents have taken this opportunity to brand him as the PM of Adani and Ambani’s Washrooms. Twitter snapshots of PM’s selfie in Ambani’s Washroom are making rounds on Social Media.
AAP spokesperson termed this act of neglecting the indigenous toilet paper of the Parliament’s washroom as derogatory to entire nation. Rahul Gandhi took a dig on PM Narendra Modi by visiting a Dalit Home’s washroom which is yet to be constructed.
BJP has defended the Prime Minister blaming the disaster on the poor Battery Backup of non saffron Phone gifted to him by some Maulavi. “Everyone knows PM’s obsession with selfies. He has taken selfies even while sleeping. It shouldn’t be difficult for the Virat Andhbhakts to identify the real culprit.”, said BJP spokesperson.

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