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How to visit Pakistan in 5 easy steps!

Hello Folks,

Have you always wanted to visit Pakistan but couldn’t, due to reasons like Visa issues? Now, here is a tutorial on how you can achieve your goal.
1. Log in to your Social Media Account, either Facebook or Twitter. I recommend Facebook, because if you reading this post, I don’t think you have many followers over Twitter.
2. Scrabble something on intolerance. Don’t forget to add that this has risen during Modi regime.
3. Now, if you have pro BJP or Hindu extremists in your friend list, the job has been done. Also, this would make you the eye candy of all the Seculars/Muslim extremists/AAP fanboys you have in your friend list. *Don’t expect me to include the fictitious tribe of Congress supporters.*
4. If you don’t have such friends, no worries; we have a way out. Go to the Facebook page of any BJP leader and comment on a post there, about intolerance. This should serve the purpose.
5. Voila, your trip to Pakistan has been sponsored by the people who got hurt at steps 3 & 4.

The one without the selfie!

In a piece of news which has created a storm across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the Washroom and didn’t click any selfie with the toilet paper, allegedly Made In India.

This is being seen as an act which negates his efforts to promote Make In India. Besides, his political opponents have taken this opportunity to brand him as the PM of Adani and Ambani’s Washrooms. Twitter snapshots of PM’s selfie in Ambani’s Washroom are making rounds on Social Media.
AAP spokesperson termed this act of neglecting the indigenous toilet paper of the Parliament’s washroom as derogatory to entire nation. Rahul Gandhi took a dig on PM Narendra Modi by visiting a Dalit Home’s washroom which is yet to be constructed.
BJP has defended the Prime Minister blaming the disaster on the poor Battery Backup of non saffron Phone gifted to him by some Maulavi. “Everyone knows PM’s obsession with selfies. He has taken selfies even while sleeping. It shouldn’t be difficult for the Virat Andhbhakts to identify the real culprit.”, said BJP spokesperson.

The Great Indian Political Dictionary



one who praises Narendra Modi for every good thing that happened since the inception of Universe

“It’s because of Modi ji’s hard work that you can pee,” exclaimed the bhakt

synonyms: AndhBhakt, Moditard



one who believes Arvind Kejriwal is the solution of even Schrodinger’s equation

“AAPtards believed it was the Kejriwal miracle that their Milk Man reduced the quantity of water in milk.”

synonyms: kejrubhakts



someone who believes in sucking Minorities’ cock only for votes

“Sickulars support reservations for Minorities in getting laid!”



used for someone who fits in politics just like Parthiv Patel in Indian Cricket Team or Tushar Kapoor in Bollywood, so basically Rahul Gandhi

“Pappu cried because the tea “ate” his biscuit.”

synonyms: Shahzada



used to mark the lightning that was meant to last for 5 years but gave in after 49 days

Juliet asked Romio,”You won’t leave me like AK49, will you?”

synonyms: Bhagoda ,Khujliwal, Khajruwal, Khejriwal, Kejribal  *every permutation without changing the relative order of vowels and consonants*



used for the Rajnikanth of Politics

“This chaiwallah is going to change the country.”

synonyms: NaMo

Feminism on Internet

Internet is an abode to a large variety of people, people of every kind, from every nook and corner of the world. The latest fad among the Internet users is Feminism, something which is rarely used in the sense it is meant to be.


Go out on Facebook or Quora or any other social network for that matter, worshipped are people who call themselves feminists, feminists who shout their heart out to give this world to women.

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the “EQUALITY” of the sexes. See that word in CAPS, yes that word which is spelled as e-q-u-a-l-i-t-y; well, this is what feminism is supposed to be.

Indian society has been patriarchal since forever and it is due to this primarily, that feminism finds its relevance. Yes, women are not treated on equal footing with men. Yes, women still lack the same treatment as men and this is what feminists should strive for, same treatment as men!

Expecting respect for just being a woman and advocating for equal rights don’t go together. Women cry their heart out when their salary is lesser than men but the same girl would hold the “I am a lady” banner when it comes to working under harsh conditions. So, get your shit straight feminists, else this whole movement would fail to see the light of day.